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The following are emails from students after taking my class and Industry Leaders in the Balloon World. If you want to contact them personally, please contact me and I will give your their complete emails if they did not list them.  Because of all the crazies out there, I am not putting student addresses on display.

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I”ve grown up in the balloon and party industry and come across a select few that are dedicated to both amazing and innovative teachings. Linda Kiss offers classes that will provide your business with the key elements that will help you stand out from the rest! Go to learnballoondecorating.com to LEARN.”

Keith Burchette, International Sales Director, HI-FLOAT Company Inc.   www.hi-float.com  


“Over the years I have been continually amazed, not only by the number of students Linda has trained, but also by the number that have followed through on what she taught them to become successful balloon decorators. As one of the maintainers of www.BalloonHQ.com , I have received many calls over the years from her former students looking for additional resources for their growing businesses. All have talked about how great a start she gave them by taking her seminars.”   Larry Moss, Creative Director    www.Airigami.com  www.balloonhq.com  


“It is difficult to find qualified decorators who have proven to be able to build a successful lifelong carrier in the balloon industry and have the skills to transmit this to others as well.
Besides being an excellent teacher
Linda is an inspirational mentor who invests way beyond the classroom by offering personal advice and guidance to her students for years after.
Her seminars, easy understandable step by step explanations and training methods can be recommended for anyone interested in balloon decorating or professionals who want to grow to the next level.”
Guido Verhoef    International Balloon Designe                                      Author:  Linkoloons DVDs 1-8

Linda Kiss is of our industry’s most cherished balloon oldies. Why?  Because her SALEABLE and unique balloon designs continue to amaze and win awards! Linda has a heart as big as a house. You would do well to take your time to meet and learn from her.    Robina Bernard Clik-Clik Systems Inc.  www.clik_clik.com


Linda Kiss is a stellar instructor and mentor for balloon decorators from beginner to veteran levels. I’ve known Linda for the majority of the 30 plus years we’ve been in the balloon industry as fellow teachers and have seen her passion for sharing her knowledge, award winning talent, and business acumen. All must be included in decor education to make a decor student become truly successful in this competitive market.

  Her curriculum is well chosen and consistently updated to current industry trends and her exclusive educational materials have always been developed by Linda personally. If you’re looking for education provided with individual attention for achieving increased balloon decor design and business skills, Linda at LearnBalloonDecorating.com is the best there is.

      Jan Iiams, CBA,   Education Director  www.betallic.com



Linda Kiss is one of the most respected decorators and instructor in the industry.  She is committed to quality education and innovative design.  Former students sing her praises and attribute their business success to the many things they learned in her classes.  If you are looking to learn about balloon décor design and effective methods to run and grow your business then you owe it to yourself to study with Linda Kiss.

       Kathi Leiden    President , Zephyr Solutions Inc.


Feel free to contact any of the above testimonials for more information.  They will also give you thier opinion on others trying to teach classes like this from past experiences.

 STUDENT Recommendations.  If you want,I have hundreds more....







Linda, Finally made it home! Thanks again for a FANTASTIC class - your patience and willingness to teach shows through loud and clear and even as a beginner - I sat in your class with confidence that I would learn the technique necessary for my future in the balloon industry.

Thank you for empowering me with the knowledge and confidence to return to my home and create not only stunning balloon decorations but also a profitable career.

 As we say in my home - Merci beaucoup!   Donna L. Hodge

Fiesta Parties & Balloon Decor, St. Martin, French West Indies

  Linda, We had a wonderful time and learned a lot more than we (Renee and I) expected.  We are fully confident that we can do this full speed.  If it wasn't for a lack of funds and my operation on the 12th of August I would begin tomorrow.  In the mean time I know that I have more than enough prep work to keep me busy.  I have so many ideas in my brain my head may pop before the next balloon does. I will definitely keep you posted as to our progress.  I thought our class was fantastic from the instructor down to each and every student.  I thank you for everything, including sharing your home and your dogs. I look forward to seeing you at another balloon event in the future.  NOW GET SOME SLEEP!!!!!  . Thanks A million, June Griggs, NJ

 "I had a marvelous time in Florida and will cherish the friendships I made there forever.  I feel very confident that I can open my business in the fall and know what I am talking about and I am anxious to do some practice items and to get my portfolio and brochures pulled together.  THANK YOU for all the things you taught me and I look forward to hearing from you on a regular basis.  AND GOOD LUCK AT BALLOONIVERSITY - I hope you dazzle them with your 'Dorothy' idea." Elaine Wagar, Canada

" take the time to attend this class, you will have enough information and hands on training to get you started. Linda is a wonderful instructor, I learned a wealth of information from her, and I thought I knew a lot. (She shares her secrets of saving money when you purchase items, some of the expensive things you find in the Glossy catalogs can be created with items from Home Depot or Lowe's.) I personally Loved the class, and as soon as I have time, I am attending the 2 day portfolio seminar. " Teri Riely FL

You will be amazed at what you will be able to do after completing Linda's class.  You will learn how to decorate an entire room, how to do centerpieces and balloon bouquets, how to decorate dance floors, how to make arches, columns, canopies and other kinds of structures.  In addition you will learn a lot about starting up and running a balloon decorating company. You will receive many tips that will save you a lot of time and trouble.

I went to Linda's class knowing nothing and now, 7 months later, am running my own business.  Go for it!    Debra Shaw, NY

Linda, I didn't get the opportunity to thank you (before leaving Tampa).  You have given me something that cannot be described in words.   I have been asked several times since I returned...what did I learn?  I don't think any explanation I offer will fairly explain what I've experienced.  All I know is that my life is now different. 

Thank you for going far beyond anything I could have every anticipated, expected or even imagined!!!  You have give me the tools ( I need) to start my own business.  And the confidence to know that I will be successful because I am prepared for just about any scenario.  Laurice Avant-Jones    

Current graduates are very willing to answer any questions you have about the class. Just contract me and I will give you a bunch of names to contact.


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First thing I made it back to home safe and sound ,  I wanted to thank you for the long days and the lack of sleep LOL (not link a loons) lots of laughs. Considering I did not even know what a link a loon was before your class. Your class was worth every penny, the way you teach is outstanding and I would recommend it to anybody that wants to learn this fantastic art in ballooning. You make learning fun and entertaining. I never knew the possibilities of actually what you could do with balloons, but I assure you I do now, I know you told me when I talk to you that I would be able to make anything I wanted to after your class, I had my doubts but you where right, you have the technique down to a science. So in closing if you ever need anything or need to use me as a reference it would be my pleasure. Best Regards, Butch Knight