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 Welcome Prospective and Enrolled Students!

  All seminars are now Friday 10 am to Tuesday 3:30 pm.  The special hotel balloon block price can sometimes be extended before or after balloon seminar dates if desired.

  The Comprehensive 5 day Classes are being held at The Godfrey Hotel & Cabanas, 7700 Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa  Rates are lower if u book on their site as a member of The Godfrey.


        www.godfreyhoteltampa.com  Check out the Photos! 

Free shuttle to and from Hotel to airport  No real need for a rental car once here. They will also provide shuttle in a 3 mile radius of hotel, so a free trip to International Mall’s Food Court and all their restaurants is a real treat


  Do not buy anything before you come here.  Please use all my equipment and decide what things you like...then buy!! SO MANY people buy equipment they don't need and waste so much money.  I will teach you how to make things without all the extra equipment these manufacturers tell you that you need! I can save you the cost of this course.

Additional notes for the 4 day

Comprehensive Seminar:

      Everyone needs to have their training manual in hand  and read before the class starts .  The hitch is you have to be fully paid to receive your manual.  When all the students complete the reading at home, we end up with more hands-on  time in class & ultimately we can do more decor work instead of answering questions that were answered in the book.   It has been a tremendous time saver.  

     This means that all Tuition Balances  should be paid 30 days before the start of class. Materials are insured and sent priority 2 day air.  In one class a student did not read the book before attending.  The furious class members told her not to come back the next day until she read her book.

For the students coming from  out of the country, Please come 1day early  so you can sit and read before the class starts. *If you  are registering late, you must have enough time to receive your book and read in order to get  into the class- so u could also use the come 1 day early option as well.

 All I can  say is plan  ahead if you really want to be in  class.  I am the only seminar in the US that teaches A-Z Everything on how to run a balloon decorating business like this- and ongoing for life support.  You can be up and running as soon as you leave this class. There are many balloon conventions you may wish to take later. These you watch the instructor make something and then you re create a bunch of designs when you  return home.   We call them  Show and Tell seminars- this is not what I do.  After class, you will be kept in the loop with our private facebook group page, and of all up coming Balloon Conventions worth attending.  Special Advanced LBD Seminars are run each yr just for my Grads for $199 for 2 days in Vegas! My graduates continue their education Forever......

DEPOSITS: NEW  RULE: If  you want to be sure you are in a particular class this year,  you need to put down 50% of your tuition to guarantee your seat. You must pay your balance a minimum of 30 days before class date. If 8 students were all to put down 50% on their seat, I will consider the class full and delete it from the web site. Students who put down $200 and do not add more money toward tuition are not assured a seat any longer.

You are allowed to move your deposit to another session (4 weeks before class start date) if life throws you a curve ball about attending, without losing the initial $200 deposit.  You may do this only 1 time.  At any given time I have 10-enrollment forms in each class of people wanting to attend. What happens is someone new will read the web site, decide they are coming, pay their full tuition by Paypal the same day so they can get their training manual to be assured a seat.  Seat Gone! Happens ALL  the time.   And yes u can pay in increments of $200 to get your 50% in towards your tuition.

Student Homework:

1. Find out what the cost of a helium tank is in your area.  You are looking to rent a 210 cubic ft tank. Find out what they charge you for demurrage (daily rental) or cost to contract for rental of a tank for a year.

Don’t worry - we use very little Helium with my way of teaching.

2.  Reconfirm your hotel reservation before attending.  Get the current taxi phone number from hotel  or use uber if necessary. They also have a free shuttle

3.  Work on picking out a company name. (Do not do this until you read the first chapter in your manual!)  Per the  book instructions,  have at least 4-5 choices ready and we will tweak them at dinner...  A lot rides on your name and what you do!  Classes go on thru dinner meals many times.

4. If you are already getting balloons wholesale, know what they cost you.

5. Set up a Paypal account in your name. It does not have to be your business name. It takes time to get one verified so it is a good idea to start ahead. You will be using this form of payment if anyone want to pay you by credit card.

6.  If you are using an email from hotmail.com or where you work now, get a new one.  I send you tons of stuff after the class is over to a mass mailing of graduates.  Most free hotmail accounts dump anything that has many recipients, too big a file , or too many pictures.  I will never know what you did not get.  You don't want to miss these updates and recipes.  Yahoo and Gmail still has free emails.  I have not lost one email yet.  Be simple, just use your name @yahoo.com  or  gmail.com 

7.   Take my plea for resting and coming refreshed seriously.  Bring your vitamins.  I'll give you last sessions class's email  addresses and they will confirm that this is a necessity.  Cramming 39 years of experience into  5 days is hard enough for me to do...much less for you to absorb....and remember.  It is intensive, along with fun. NO ONE has ever accused me of not getting their moneys worth------ever.

8.  Dont forget to wear your name badge daily. Lots of free stuff from the distributors if yours is on!

READ ALL the pages on this web site. LOTS of valuable information on other pages too. If you have any questions after reading, please feel free to call me at  (813) 966-5544



Info for payments: Call for mailing address if you do not want to use a Paypal account


Please use this address to contact me: lindakisslbd@gmail.com    


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