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Things To See:         Busch Gardens

Adventure Island


Visit this site for all the information on times of operation, special concerts, tickets prices and other specials. You take the balloon classes, send your family to Busch gardens for the week Click Icon  to visit there!


Enjoy a great day at Tampa greatest water park. Click logo for more info and dates it is open and ticket prices. 35-40 minutes away

How To Find Local Accommodations:

Hotel Rates change due to the seasons here in Florida, so be sure to call the location.  The sites listed below are all close to the airport area where classes are held. Unless you pick a hotel other than the host hotel, you will not need to rent a car.     You will only need transport to and from Tampa Airport.  Read current info under Student FYI Tab

HOST HOTEL Holiday Inn Express.  Totally renovated gorgeous hotel! Free coffee daily and a complimentary hot breakfast included every morning.    Block price $109/night.  Due north of TPA airport- 10 min drive.  Call 813-885-3700 to register for balloon block pricing.  This hotel does not have free airport pick up service, but call them for preferred service provider or use lyft or uber (approx $6). Many Holiday Inns in Tampa-please book correct one.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tampa-

Anderson Rd/Veterans Expressway

9402 Corporate Lake Dr., Tampa FL 33634



The Suites at Mainsail, 5108 Eisenhower Blvd, Tampa Fl 33634 (813) 243-2600 website: www.mainsailhotels.com Call for current rates for 1 and 2 bedroom villas. Can find as a timeshare.  They have a full kitchen, living room, queen bed in each room. Lower rate for weekly rental. 2 miles from the airport- 8 minutes from our host hotel.   Great Option if bringing family for a vacation. Busch Gardens, Adventure Island and Clearwater Beach!

** If you know you are coming is it prudent to make your room reservations immediately.  Florida is a vacation state and our host hotel can sell out! Make your reservation- you can always cancel.

Also if you live close enough to drive back and forth each day, then you DO NOT qualify to take this class. Read the FYI Page. Must be 1 hour away from our location.



Maylasia produces the most rubber in the world. Balloons float because helium is lighter than both nitrogen and oxygen-- which makes up air.


Balloon Facts:

Although first developed in the middle 1800s, latex didn’t become widely used until the early 1940s. Latex balloons are produced from the sap of the rubber tree. It is collected without harming the tree by using an environmentally safe, age-old process similar to that used for collecting the sap from maple trees for syrup. Because of rubber’s versatility and demand, these tropical rain forest trees are very valuable, highly coveted-and well-protected natural resources. These precious trees play an equally valuable ecological role in the earth’s fragile ecological balance by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which helps prevent global warming.  A tree can produce rubber for over 40 years.


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