Costs You Zero!

Learn how to make balloon arches, balloon canopies, balloon centerpieces, balloon columns, balloon sculptures: Santa, football player, angels, animals,  numbers, letters, logos, stars, etc.; party favors, dance floor decor, corporate party decorations, trade show decorations, pool decorations, theme party decorations and much, much, more.

Three Tips On How  This Training Could Cost You Nothing:

Tip # 1

Why this course could cost you $0 ...

Many Moms invest their time in learning this creative talent and save themselves thousands and thousands of dollars over the long haul.  Just think...  You can professionally decorate for every New Year's Eve party in your home  and never pay an outside person again. (Saved you $) You will be able to decorate arches, theme characters, and centerpieces for all your children's birthday parties (and don't forget the significant other's Big 40 birthday bash!) (Saved you $) You will be the hit of the PTA with your knowledge in decorating for the 8th Grade Dance--and what about the Prom Committee for your teen's Prom? (saved them $) And the most savings... your daughter's wedding! ( AND you will have all the tools and wholesalers to save major money!!!) You could not imagine how much you will save just by knowing how to do these creative designs yourself.  Famous line heard thru the years: "She is so creative, this place looks beautiful-I wish I could do that!"

Tip # 2

Why this course could cost you $0 ...

Going into business:  new business expenses/ tuition--tax deductible.  See your IRS for more information

Tip # 3   

Why this course could cost you $0...

After you book your first 2-3 decorating jobs, let us say, 15 centerpieces and decorations for the dance floor , deduct your expenses you will have paid for your tuition!

To take it a step further, 3 more jobs  will pay for all your stock and supplies, most likely. (everybody buys different things/stock they feel they need to have).

Education will save you 3 yrs of time trying to train yourself not to mention the wasted money! Not to mention you walk out the door with a color portfolio of things you can make from which to sell!

Be Your Own Boss!

This is a perfect home-based business  for someone who only wants to work 4 days a month and make a potential $1,000 a month. (That would be booking 4 Saturday parties at $350 per job) 

No stress.  You call the shots.  Let your family schedule govern your business-not vise versa!

Sounds to good to be true.... well it isn't!

I can back up what I am saying:   If you learn the most expeditious way to do this work, learn the best places to buy product at the lowest cost, and learn all the right ways of doing each task without wasting time, wasting product--you will make money the very first time you do a job.  I am positive of this!


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