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2 Part Class   available

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Don Cheeseman Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award  awarded to

Linda C. Kiss

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Balloon Decorating Classes $799

4 day Certified hands- on training to learn the

Correct techniques

For a Balloon Decorating Business  **See NEW prices below in green  

Learn by  ALL hands-on (not a webcast ) to make balloon arches, balloon canopies, balloon sculptures,  centerpieces, balloon drops , how to price jobs, &  much more.    Note-This is not information collected from the Internet, put in a book and sold as  training, or utube wanna be’s demos. This seminar is for people who want to get into a real business. **Just because some one has been “doing” balloons  for a long time does not make them a teacher. See what awards they have accomplished and their standing in the balloon world.

What you get at the 4 day Comprehensive Seminar:

 * Comprehensive Training to teach you how to run a balloon business and Lifetime mentoring after your seminar is complete. This program is designed for someone who wants to start their own business and succeed, not just to learn  balloon techniques. Learn by doing.

*Forms and contracts, order blanks, inventory control, set up sheets, program for linear footage of columns & arches.

*Where to buy wholesale products, how to PRICE your balloon jobs to make a profit, how to promote your new business,find balloon trade magazines and  balloon conventions

You Recieve  Training Manual,  cds reference materials,  8000 balloon photos  reference pics,  Balloon  Recipe Book, & more.  This comes with tuition- no ala carte charge later

* Add to that 30+ photos of your personal balloon work that you did during your class in a professional setting-not in a warehouse. Manual also includes  class notes  from some of the best who taught at Balloon conventions over  36 yrs. A copy of my professional made Color Portfolio of balloon designs is available tp purchase at cost from which to instantly sell. 

*Training so u can pass your  CBA  test if u desire to get it.  ** Yearly on-going 2 day  Advanced Class Convention in Vegas for $249 for our  LBD grads only.. for you can to stay in front of the creativity curve and  learn what is new from four World Reknown Instructors!

 *When class is completed you will earn your Certified Balloon Decor Designer certificate.   Certification for training includes but not limited to:  Outdoor decor designs, arches, canopies, walls, tunnels, balloon sculptures (organic walls, palm trees, high heel shoe to name a few) Balloon drops, creating framework, business set up, how to PRICE a job, marketing, buying pertinent equipment you actually need, making recipes, AND to put up an organic wall in 8 minutes--the right way to do organic!   


Disclaimer:This is Not at all like the program my 2 former students from TN are  teaching.

 Balloon Industry References:

“Linda Kiss is a  stellar instructor and mentor for balloon decorators from beginner to veteran levels. I’ve known Linda for the majority of the 30 plus years we’ve been in the balloon industry as fellow teachers and have seen her passion for  sharing her knowledge, award winning talent, and business

acumen. All must be included in decor education to make a decor student become truly successful in this competitive market.

     Her curriculum is well chosen and consistently updated to current industry trends and her exclusive educational materials have always been developed by Linda personally. If you’re looking for education provided with individual attention

for achieving increased balloon decor design and business skills, Linda at is the best there is.” Jan Iiams, CBA,   Education Director


It is difficult to find qualified decorators who have proven to  be able to build a successful lifelong carrier in the balloon industry and have the skills to transmit this to others as well.
Besides being an excellent teacher
Linda is an inspirational mentor who invests way beyond the classroom by offering personal advice and guidance to her students for years after.
Her seminars are easy understandable step by step explanations and training methods can be recommended for anyone interested in balloon decorating   or professionals who want to   grow to the next level”
Guido Verhoef    

International Balloon Designe

Linkoloons DVDs Author


“Linda Kiss is one of the most respected decorators and instructor in the industry.  She is committed to quality education and innovative design.  Former students sing her praises and attribute their business success to the many things they learned in her classes.  If you are looking to learn about balloon décor design and effective methods to run and grow your business then you  owe it to yourself to study with Linda Kiss. “  Kathi Leiden    President , Zephyr Solutions Inc. (Industry balloon inflators)


“Linda Kiss is of our industry’s most cherished balloon oldies. Why?  Because her SALEABLE and unique balloon designs continue to amaze and win awards! Linda has a heart as big as a house. You would do well to take your time to meet and learn from her.   Robina Bernard Clik-Clik Systems Inc.  

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4 Day Seminar  is $799

FRIDAY 10am  Monday 3pm. Saturday and Sunday eve classes as well.

Until Jan 31st, we are offering a 2 part payment and attendance plan. $349 for the  300 pg. Training book, materials, recipe book and dvds and then $399 when you decide to come for the hands-on training portion. Lifetime mentoring  starts once hands on is completed.

This way you can  receive the materials to grow your business and come when you feel you are more comfortable to travel.        Contact ME

2021 Linda Bruce Scholarship

Congrats  to Edna Schoeman of Folksrun, Va


2010 Winners: Richard Blake Smith and Lauren Stafford; 2011 winner:   Ed Tolliver and Kristy Edel , 2012 winner: Elsie Hanley, 2013 Winner: Pat Waken 2014 Winner Ellen  Hull 2015;  Connie Suich, VA ; 2016  Winner Linda Coppa NJ; 2017 winners: entire Linda Bruce Tribute class Nov 2017;  2018 winner Mary Wamser, WI ; 2019 winners Marilyn Jones-Marsh, Christine Broderick,  2020 Winner Nancy Gratz, AL.


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