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June 21, 2015

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Don Cheeseman Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award was recently  awarded to

Linda C. Kiss, CBA ,CBDD

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This seminar is based on small classes of  8-10 students getting individualized hands on training on every aspect of balloon decor and business tactics,  and the instructor doing follow up with the student for as long as you have a business.   Our program does not compare to others as this is not a seminar where a large group watches the teacher, makes balloon designs, and then when it is over you never hear from the instructor again. Our aim is to put you in a successful business or increase your current business with any Follow

Up and help needed.

Balloon Decorating Classes



training to teach  you the Balloon Decorating Business!

Learn by hands-on experience how to make balloon arches, balloon canopies, balloon sculptures,  and  more. (and not by  watching a video!) Please note-This is not information collected from the Internet, put in a book and sold as training.

What you get at the 6 day Comprehensive Seminar:

 * Comprehensive Training to teach you how to run a balloon business and Lifetime mentoring after your seminar is complete. This program is designed for someone who wants to start their own business and succeed, not just to learn  balloon techniques.

*Forms and contracts, order blanks, inventory control, set up sheets, program for linear footage of columns & arches.

*Where to buy wholesale products, how to price your balloon jobs, where to go to find balloon trade magazines and what conventions to attend.

*6 days of Fabulous Hands- on Training from  33 year Industry icon and Award Winner Linda Kiss (see bio)

*200+ pg Training Manual and 5700  photos of balloon decor work for reference. 150+ Balloon Sculpture Recipes and Instructions + DVD’s.

20 page Bound Personal Color Portfolio from which to instantly sell.  Plus 30+ photos with your personal balloon work done in class. You will create those photos in your color portfolio to get hands on experience

Training to pass your CBA  test; Unlimited on-going help and Newsletters once you graduate.

 *Your  Certified Balloon Decor Designer training includes but not limited to: dance floor designs, arches, canopies, walls, tunnels, balloon sculptures, like clowns, palm trees, Mardi Gras masks. Themes,  framework, setting up your business, marketing, buying only the equipment you really need, wholesalers, accurate job pricing-and host  of  other topics!

Click and READ

Frequently Asked Questions to get specific information on what the course is all about and class schedule. A MUST Read. Also Please read Student Info

DO YOU .... 

*Want a great extra income  from a part-time, home based business? Enroll in our balloon decorating seminar! *Want to learn to decorate only for your own family's birthday parties, New Years Eve,  PTA functions, daughter's wedding and never pay someone ELSE?  Our hands-on balloon decorating training can do that too!

Winning Large Sculpture Entry at national convention

Program Cost:

6 Day Seminar       $1200

   Early Bird  Discount is $200 off  for fully paid tuition  90 days before

class date



July 2010 Class

2010 Winners: Richard Blake Smith from Georgetown, Ontario.  and Lauren Stafford

2011 winner: Michele Fortier, Old Hickory, TN  Additional Fellowship: Ed Tolliver, Kristy Edel

2012 winner: Elsie Hanley, Cooper City FL

2013 Winner: Pat Wake Island Heights NJ

2014 Winner Ellen Hull

2015 Connie Suich, VA




Class Meeting Time:

Sunday at 10 am to Friday at 7 pm

Tuition includes: Training manual, CD with 5700 pictures, 20 pg Color Portfolio; Recipe book, class dvds & much more.

      Pictures on this website is what you will learn to do in class-not that we will be doing each picture posted!


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